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Company Overview

Founded in 2009, Marker Soft is a rapidly growing, innovative technology company based in Riga, Latvia. Marker Soft has altered an existing way for traditional businesses to market their products and channel information to customers. We develop and market numerous software projects and digital solutions, using both existing frameworks and creating new ones from the scratch. Our scope includes - but not limited to - iOS/Android cross-platform programming, content management system (CMS) development, website and web app planning and design. Programmers and system architects that work for us are capable of developing incredible frameworks, very advanced structurally and really easy for any end-user to use and maintain. Transforming any tasks into fast and easy digital solutions is our brand promise.

Marker Soft team focuses on dealing with the toughest issues and generating ideas that are 102% cliche-free and customer-driven. We live, work, produce and deliver in collaborative environment aimed towards creativity, great product usability, ease-of-use and very reasonable production costs.